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Last week I spotted that my server was sending a LOT of email - after a quick look at the logs I determined that someone has gotten hold of MY password and has logged in using it.I changed my password on thursday night cleared the delivery queue and started the process of removing my server from all of the blacklists.However today another spike in outbound mail... again my account, so now I have disabled my account which didnt make a difference so I have disabled the whole domain, which seems to have stemed the flow (Getting a lot of "550 Delivery not allowed from this address" - which I assume means that someone is trying to send mail but hMail is blocking it because the domain is disabled so is classed as external (I have external to external delivery disabled))So now I am running a virus scan on my laptop.. which is the only device that I collect that mail from (other than my phone... now that I think about it) in case there is something on there capturing my credentials (Though I'd expect my other accounts on the same server to get hit too if that was the case)Im looking for some advice, I really need to get that domain enabled again, but I really cant have it sending 250k spam messages from china every day! I tried enabling the domain but with my accountThe attachment shows the settings that I have for the internet IP range (All of the traffic was external so its nothing on the server or LAN causing the issue).Is there anything that I can do?


Please help.


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