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Apologies for being a little slow here but I have just had my faulty PS3 replaced today after it not working for nearly a year (you can tell I'm not a games player) :shock: and I have just set it up all over again.I forget however what steps I have to carry out to ensure that it connects to my MSS and also my MCE2005 PC so if there is a resource anywhere that someone could point me to please it would be much appreciated.Either that or complete idiots guide might be more appropriate! :wink: As it stands I get an Media Server Error: DLNA Protocol Error 501 has occurred on the PS3 and it tells me that access to the media server has not been allowed when I try to access the MSS.When I try to connect to the MCE2005 PC I get told the system name has not been registered.I do have my MSS Guest user account disabled if that makes any difference on the WHS side of things?Talking of Guest account - what else may be affected by this account being disabled?

Please help.

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